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  • 1000ft Professional Grade E17 Socketed Light Wire on Reel

1000ft Professional Grade E17 Socketed Light Wire on Reel

120V or 24V • SPT-1W • Stringer
Charm for Sale! Draw adventurers to your shopping area, event, park, or home using Socketed Light Wires. Make an ordinary setting gleam by lining architecture and pathways or building an overhead canopy of light. Sold on reels in 4 wire colors with multiple socket spacing options so you can customize the length and look you need. This staple product can easily be installed with staples or installation hardware, clipped on overhead wires, or staked in the ground. Just measure, cut, then attach our SPT-1 wire-piercing Male Connector to access standard 120V power. Seal the end with our SPT-1 Female Connector or a Wire-Piercing Socket from our Accessories Family. When lining roofs be sure to use our new SPT-1 Bridge / Splitter for a cleaner, water-tight connection rather than taped together male to female connections.
$256.72 to $500.47
$256.72 to $500.47
SKU: BS Str 1000ft Prof E17 Reel
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  • 3-season warranty
  • Compatible with 120VAC or 24VDC power options
  • Professional grade SPT-1 18AWG wire
  • 1000 feet of line on reel allows you to cut the exact length you need
  • Weather-resistant, perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • Available in 4 wire colors and multiple socket spacing options
  • Compatible with all standard E17 bulbs
  • Looks best when outfitted with C9 and G40 bulbs from our colorful ProBulb Series
  • Requires end connectors

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