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  • 50L 5mm LED Curtain Light String, 6in Bulb Spacing

50L 5mm LED Curtain Light String, 6in Bulb Spacing

120VDC • White Wire • Benchmark Coupling
Our Benchmark Coupling Family raises the standard of commercial grade LED light strings by introducing our Benchmark coupling connector. This twist-lock connector allows for an easy installation and provides a tight seal to reduce current leakage and GFCI tripping. Because the rectifier is built inside the Benchmark Coupling Power Adapter Lead, the rectifier-free string presents a cleaner look with fewer possible points of failure. The end-in-bulb style is available in varying lengths and makes building custom curtains and chandeliers a breeze. Installers prefer the ease of the twist-lock connectors that significantly speeds up installation and the wide range of available infrastructure components. Designers love the rectifier-free string and the end in bulb design.
$14.55 to $17.47
1 – 11$15.31 - $18.40
12 +$14.55 - $17.47
$14.55 to $17.47
SKU: BK Cp Cur Wh 50L 6x6xEIB
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  • Pro Grade LEDs are bin-selected for color consistency and optimal performance
  • 5MM wide angle lens provides great light dispersion and re-creates the classic look of incandescent bulbs
  • Molded husk construction reduces current leakage, component damage, and GFCI issues
  • Rectifier housed in the Power Adapter Cord for a cleaner wire with less failure points
  • 120V, CSAus Listed
  • Proprietary twist-lock coupling connectors provide a water-tight seal and prevent accidental separation
  • End-in-Bulb light string is perfect for making curtains or anytime the string will be free hanging
  • 22AWG white wire blends with interiors, architectural trim and snow-covered foliage
  • Compatible with our Benchmark coupling multi-tap extension cords to create different curtains configurations
  • Benchmark Power Adapter with Rectifier required

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