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6ft Multi-Tap Extension Cord w/ Suspenders

24VDC • XTW • Versaline® Lite Snap N Go
Time for a different look but no time to re-do your installation? Change it up in a snap using Light Snap N Go’s infrastructure designed to stay in place through many seasons allowing you to change just the lights to suit the occasion. The Lite Snap N Go Series in our patented Versaline® LED low-voltage light system is all about providing beautiful light design that requires less install time. Position the simple Multi-tap Extension Cord in trees, arbors or on beams, then choose from the many designer light options that can be quickly swapped out for different occasions. The tap spacing keeps your lights spaced evenly while the 4” suspender on the light connections give your lights a little flexibility to hang naturally. Rest easy with the 2-year warranty on this durable infrastructure knowing Versaline’s components also sport a twist-lock connector that keeps water out and connections secure. If you wish to add 1 or 3-Channel control to your display, please shop the Classic or DIY Series’ infrastructure components.
$21.53 $22.66
1 – 11$22.66
12 +$21.53
$21.53 $22.66
SKU: 1102936
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Drop/Tap/Socket/Stake Count per Item: 9
Product Certification: cCSAus
Connector Input (Male): VE 2P Coupling
Connector Output (Female): VE 2R Coupling
Drop Tap Socket Spacing (in): 8
Total Length/Width(ft): 6
Wire Gauge: 2x20AWG
Wire Type: XTW
Current Rating (amps): 3.6
End-to-end/End-in-bulb: End-to-End
Input Lead Length (in): 4
IP Rating: IP65
Output Tail Length (in): 4
Packaging: Polybag w/ Label
Patents: 9113515, 9674925, 10799054B2
Use Case: Indoor/Outdoor
Product Standard: UL 588
Input Voltage: 24VDC
  • 2-year warranty
  • Suspender drops the light tap 5” resulting in an equal, but more natural distribution of lights
  • Low voltage DC power provides extra safety and reliability in high moisture areas
  • cCSAus Listed
  • Proprietary twist-lock coupling connectors speed up installation and provide a water-tight seal
  • Weather-resistant, perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • Pair with LSNG light products or Classic Series 1-Channel and Euro Collection
  • Versaline® power supply required; compatible with all LSNG and DIY infrastructure

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