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Black Wire-Piercing Infrastructure - SPT-2W

24VDC • SPT-2W • Versaline® DIY Series
Install lights exactly where you want them with the DIY Series in our patented Versaline® LED low-voltage light system. Get your party started with the Starter Lead that transports 24V current from your choice of Versaline Power Supplies to the SPT-2 16AWG Zip Wire through the slide-lock wire-piercing Bridge section. Then add Extender / Taps anywhere you’d like to place a Versaline Light product. Use the Bridge / Splitter to securely split the power to follow a different path or branch. Installers love the twist-lock and slide-lock connectors along with the 2-year warranty that allows the infrastructure to stay in place longer. Designers love the wide range of light forms and the freedom to place those lights precisely. Turn Light Design into Light Sculpture with DIY Infrastructure that lays a foundation for designers to mix light options - bulbs, pendants, spots, stakes and strings - from the Versaline family.
$2.12 to $4.42
1 – 11$2.24 - $4.65
12 +$2.12 - $4.42
$2.12 to $4.42
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  • Low-voltage power provides extra safety and reliability in high moisture areas
  • Starter Lead transports power via VE2P twist-lock connecter to Zip Wire through the slide-lock Bridge
  • 4-Orientation Starter Lead transports power via VE2PA connector to allow channel control
  • Extender / Tap attaches to Zip Wire then powers any Versaline light product via VE5R twist-lock connector
  • Bridge / Splitter divides power into two branches or joins 2 separate wires cleanly
  • Knock-out box on the Bridge allows the ZIP wire to pass through or securely terminate
  • 2-year warranty
  • Requires Versaline® Power Supply
  • Compatible with SPT-2 2x16AWG Wire
  • Shop our Decorative Bulbs Family for SPT-1 18AWG Wire Piercing Infrastructure components

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