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Lighten the Footprint & Light Up Profits

More Eco-Friendly Lights for Holiday Lighting Pros

Written by
.Giffney Nagel
Published on
April 19, 2024 at 2:13:48 PM PDT April 19, 2024 at 2:13:48 PM PDTth, April 19, 2024 at 2:13:48 PM PDT

In today's environmentally conscious world, sustainable practices are becoming increasingly important for businesses and consumers alike. When it comes to holiday lighting, traditional options often create significant waste and environmental burdens. S4 is passionate about providing higher-quality, more sustainable holiday lighting solutions that lighten the industry’s carbon footprint and boost installer margins.

Here, we'll explore the product features and products that reduce waste, re-service, and product inventory replacement demand.

Reduce Waste, Save Energy, Increase Profits Through Better Product Performance and Longevity

S4 Lights was founded upon building better products that set new standards for performance in the decorative holiday lighting industry. We continue to invest in product research and development to take the industry beyond the standards, prolonging the life of bulbs, strings, and lighting infrastructure. Superior materials and innovative engineering yields products that reduce demand for raw materials and minimize waste.


Brighten Your Bottom Line & Business With Better Products

We tend to think of eco-friendly products as being costly, but buying quality products saves money over time. Beyond their environmental benefits, better-made products offer significant advantages for professional lighting installers. Being able to withstand the rigors of seasonal use means your lighting installations stay lit longer and perform beyond a season– often well beyond warranty. This benefits both the environment and your working relationship with your clients who will appreciate their displays staying lit and less frequent product replacement bills. Fewer replacements and lower maintenance costs mean a healthier bottom line.

Holiday Lighting Products & Lighting Design Features That Reduce Waste & Increase Margins

Here are some eco-minded product features to consider when making purchases to reduce waste and add more to your bottom line.

Expandable Light Strings

Trees are often an important focal point or feature in holiday lighting installations. They’re also critical to our natural ecosystems and require protection. This, it's important to use products that protect trees from string damage.

Expandable wires protect tree bark from damage as the trunk grows. Damage to the bark makes the tree vulnerable to insect infestation, which can kill it. Additionally, expandable strings prevent the tree growth from busting the string, which requires re-service and premature product replacement. Bonus: they’re great to work with and make tree wrapping easier.

Everlastrings boasts an unprecedented 2-year warranty, allowing for 730 days of continuous installation. This unprecedented durability eliminates the need for frequent replacements, minimizing waste and maximizing your return on investment, especially on large-scale installations. There is no more durable commercial decorative light string on the market. Don’t need to wrap trees? Opt for the non-expandable version.

Multi-Effect/Color Strings for Inventory Reduction

Products like King of Strings 51, offering 51 color and effect combinations allow installers a wide range of design possibilities and significantly reduce the inventory needed to cover the demand for different colors and effects. Being able to change the look without having to change out strings also helps with the carbon footprint. Multi-effect/color strings also require less storage space, reducing your physical footprint, and eliminating the need for individual strings whose bulb colors aren’t as popular.

Energy Management

LED vs. Incandescent

It's common knowledge that the energy efficiency of LED bulbs far surpasses that of incandescent. However, one common complaint about LED lights was that the warm whites weren’t “warm” enough. LED warm whites have come a long way in the last decade and can now achieve a more traditional warm white look without the excessive energy consumption of incandescent bulbs.


High voltage vs. Low voltage

It’s not always feasible to use low voltage light strings and systems, but it’s the way to go for larger lighting displays and shows which are typically in public spaces that prioritize or require a safer voltage. Low voltage lighting systems are the preferred voltage for many professional installers.

Dimmer Timers

Saving energy and reducing electric bills is paramount whether it’s a commercial or a residential customer. Dimmer Timers allow you to program on/off cycles and adjust brightness levels, reducing overall energy consumption and waste. This translates to lower electricity bills for your clients and reinforces your commitment to sustainable practices, making you a more attractive choice for the more environmentally conscious customers.


Customizable Product

Purchasing customizable and cuttable products reduces waste and saves money. S4’s DIY Series and products available in bulk reels like Zip Wire (SPT Wire), Socketed Light Line, Stringers, Perimeter Track Lighting and Rope Light also make installation easier and afford a more professional-looking result.

Quality Control & Assurance & Best Manufacturing Practices Matter


Much of the waste in the holiday lighting industry can be attributed to junk/ subpar products from manufacturers who are only interested in a quick buck. Many lighting distributors source their products and support these factories. S4 is the only fully vertically integrated company in the decorative lighting industry. We own the process from product design, engineering, manufacturing and distributing to assure the highest quality product. Our ground team in China rigorously tests and retests before producing our products in mass. Doing so means greater customer satisfaction and less product in a landfill.


Investing in quality products prolongs the life of your product inventory and magnifies the return on your investment as your installations shine brighter and shine "lighter" in terms of their carbon footprint.